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Development Services


We Support Business Growth

  1. Scoping the problem

  2. Devising a solution

  3. Client feedback

  4. Product revisions

Step 1 – Scoping the Problem


To effectively support business development, Our development services team starts by grasping what the client wants to achieve.

This involves understanding:

  • The specific challenges faced by the business

  • Where the firm is now and where they want they want to be

  • What the digital solution will enable them to do

  • Existing infrastructure and systems that any solution must work with

Armed with this information, development services provides an outline for a tailor-made innovative solution that’s designed to solve a specific problem for a particular organisation.


Step 2 – Devising a Solution

The next step is for the relevant people to come together to find a solution to the business development challenge.

The team usually includes product owners, automation engineers, quality engineers and software developers. 

Whatever the problem, this multi-skilled group has the right expertise to bring a solution to life, often using app development software.

It’s not always necessary to develop new technology. Sometimes, updating or improving existing tech is the right option.

Whatever the digital technology solution, it won’t just be fit for purpose today: it will also future-proof your business by being adaptable enough to scale and flex to meet future challenges and support business growth.

Development services teams tend to work using the agile methodology to generate ideas, scope, test and improve on them in iterations. By learning quickly and resolving problems along the way projects stay on track, swiftly culminating in solutions that can be handed over to the client.


Step 3 – Client Feedback

This agile approach allows customers to see and use the product giving them a feel for the end-solution and how it will work in practice. This is a realistic way to test a solution and it allows customers to feedback to the development services team about which bits feel right and which need improving.


Step 4 – Product Revisions

With the client feedback to hand, the tech is fine-tuned and sent back out to the client. By quickly solving the technological issues that are holding a business’ development back, development services provide an adrenaline shot to the business.

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